User acceptance and usability in SAP

User acceptance, usability and SAP

Finally working together!

The easier it is to use, the higher are the user acceptance and the data quality 

In OPRA the main focus is on the efficient performance of tasks and on responsible employees. For example data fields are automatically filled in user-friendly cockpits and only the most important data needs to be entered manually; everything else is done automatically in the background. A wizard-based user guidance prevents mistakes and guides even inexperienced employees efficiently through the process. The role concept ensures that employees only see the data they need for their tasks; data overloaded screens belong to the past.

Integration of external systems

Through the integration of external systems (e.g. GIS, CAD, spare parts catalogues…) the user-friendliness is further increased and a double data entry is avoided.

Faster to the goal

The switch between the applications and multiple logins on different systems is no longer necessary; the complete process is mapped via OPRA. Pending tasks can be done much faster.

Integration of third-party systems into SAP