SAP and Industry 4.0 / Maintenance 4.0

Preventive Maintenance

Equipped for tomorrows' challenges!

Avoiding unplanned downtimes

Smart Sensor

The best way to avoid errors is to recognize earlier their signals and to introduce appropriate countermeasures. Whether they are unusual vibrations in the warehouse or the inventory falls below minimum in a hydraulic system, intelligent sensors detect these indicators and send appropriate signals to the SAP system. 

From signal to a malfunction report

In order for the maintenance to react accordingly to the signals, they must be assessed and treated, as a malfunction report does not necessarily need to be generated from each signal. And not every automatically generated malfunction report is equally important. With OPRA we support not only the entire maintenance process in SAP PM / EAM, but we also develop together with you an individual concept for how to treat sensor data, when the malfunction report should be created and how it should be prioritized. As part of a workflow concept it is also possible to define ad hoc measures or notifications (eMail, SMS, etc.)

Augmented reality & data glasses are coming

Instandhaltung in SAP

Data glasses replace quasi the tablet as an input device. The user navigates through virtual menus and forms with gestures, dictates text into a microphone or types on a holographic keyboard. Components of machines are automatically detected by the shape or the code, and the maintenance staff receives a step-by-step instruction to repair the part projected directly onto the glasses.

If the specialist is thousands of miles away, the individual steps to replace a spare part or to repair it via remote access is sent to the installer and can also be displayed directly on the data glasses, as also be combined interactively with important information.