Plant Maintenance with SAP PM / EAM

Intelligent use of information technology

For an optimal plant maintenance in SAP PM / EAM, OPRA brings together SAP and non-SAP systems in a uniform platform, displays proven processes and makes data record easy, transparent and efficient. 

OPRA - From the plant maintenance in SAP PM / EAM to Asset Lifecycle Management

OPRA - 100% integrated in SAP

With OPRA we do not reinvent the wheel, but we make it clearly round. Slow and laboured transactions are replaced by user-friendly and task-oriented processes. Different systems and data sources are now single and intuitive solutions. Long-winded activities are now efficient tasks. A confusion of data is now replaced by a transparent database. Everything SAP based, without Middleware or interfaces.


The OPRA principle

Thanks to the integration of a web-based SAP platform, OPRA enables a significant optimization in asset availability and cost structures. Modern maintenance strategies and operating concepts get established, ease of use and system acceptance are increased and process and employee efficiency are optimized.

OPRA - more than a user interface

OPRA is the professional, functional and visual integration of assets, people, processes, data and systems on a common platform.

More than just a User Interface

Step-by-step and modular to the target

OPRA is modular. Depending on your needs, time schedule and budget, the different modules can be implemented step-by-step. Individual introduction scenarios become possible, the budget gets spared and rapid project successes will be achieved; project frustration belongs to the past. 

OPRA Architecture