OPRA Asset Monitor

Asset overview in SAP PM / EAM




All at a glance

Beside being the technical object view, the OPRA Asset Monitor is the central nodal point for the maintenance. Here the most important information and processes of your functional locations and equipment are clearly illustrated. It provides the possibility to notice detailed information of malfunctions, existing or already covered maintenances and servicing or single equipment and functional locations. Individual filters enable the rapid selection of particular assets and devices and care for a clear representation of all current malfunctions.

A live ticker informs the maintenance technician in real time about new and critical malfunctions. With a few tabs an order can be created out of it and further actions can be taken.

With OPRA the maintenance in SAP will be finally clear.   

Quick Facts

  • Central access to asset and process information
  • Intuitive traffic-light status functionalities
  • Current malfunctions
  • Servicing and plant status
  • Meter and consumption reading
  • Live ticker for current malfunctions
  • Further helpful information
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