OPRA Resource Manager

Operational planning of orders in SAP PM / EAM 

Easily with DRAG´N´DROP!

Operational planning via Drag’n’Drop

The OPRA Resource Manager is an efficient alternative to SAP MRS, as it considers the important functions of a practicable resource manager in terms of range of functions and user concept.

With the OPRA Resource Manager the notification as well as the assignment of employees to orders and procedures is facilitated in a very easy way. The graphic and user-friendly surface enables an intuitive handling of the OPRA operational planning. The scheduled orders are assigned from a selected worklist to single employees or entire teams via Drag’n’Drop. A clear representation in several calendar views is possible and creates additional transparency.   

Personal data such as absence, shifts or qualifications are taken into consideration from SAP HCM. Other sources such as Outlook can be also integrated.

With OPRA the maintenance in SAP is finally projectable.

Quick Facts

  • Dispose and reschedule orders and task via drag 'n' drop
  • Duplicate tasks
  • Easy deallocate from tasks AND orders
  • Selection of workspaces and employees
  • Selection of orders via technical object, plant, etc.
  • Creat and manage selection variants
  • Display working shifts
  • Display employee data from SAP ORG management
  • Color visualisation of disposed orders and tasks according to status
  • Integrated in SAP capacity planning (display of percentage capacity utilization)
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