OPRA Notification Cockpit

Malfunction in SAP PM / EAM

Never been faster!

Targeted creation and management of malfunction reports

Thanks to a wizard-based message recording and to pre-defined questionnaires, the generation of a malfunction report becomes very easy. The overview of already existing asset malfunctions prevents the double registration of a malfunction and allows a quick identification of technical problems.

Already created malfunctions can be assigned to a new object by Drag’n’Drop, as well as documents or pictures can be easily “attached” to the object via Upload function.

This is even possible when for example malfunctions are graphically represented in a map or in the 3D model of a building. The respective third-party systems can be seamless integrated and they “communicate” with SAP.

With OPRA maintenance finally user-friendly.

Quick Facts

  • Integrated overview of reports, locations and actions
  • Wizard-based malfunction registration and questionnaires
  • Interactive overview of current object malfunctions
  • Simple order creation from one or more notifications
  • Notification assignment via Drag’n’Drop
  • Easy document upload with automated document info record attachment
  • Object-oriented order assignment
  • Modifications of order and process contents directly in the list overview
  • Seamless integration of third-party systems (GIS, CAD, etc.)
  • Further helpful functions 
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