OPRA Technical Object View

Details on objects in SAP PM / EAM

SAP is finally USER-Friendly!

With one click to the desired information

The OPRA Technical Object View is your central access point to all relevant data of equipment and functional locations, whether they are basic data, graphic data such as pictures or exploded views, bills of materials, measurement points, etc. All information are just a click away. Equipment or functional locations can be easily found and evaluated with several search options, such as technical object or address.

In addition to that, it is possible to seamlessly integrate third-party systems, like for example a spare parts catalogue. This way spare parts can be ordered directly from the equipment without needing to exit the application or login again; single Sign on.

With OPRA the maintenance in SAP is finally transparent! 

Quick Facts

  • Interactive object search via SearchPanel
  • Graphic representation of the object
  • One click functionalities for
    • Master data and plant structures
    • Measurement points and values
    • Documents, orders and notifications
    • Malfunction and servicing history
    • Maintenance planning
  • Seamless integration of third-party systems (GIS, CAD, etc.)
  • Further helpful functions
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