OPRA Reporting

Key figures from SAP PM / EAM

Clear and comparable!

Graphical evaluation at one click

SAP BW is not required for the graphical representation of key figures in OPRA Reports; the standard SAP ERP system is sufficient. The OPRA standard Reports can be expanded to individual key figures and overviews.

Starting with the dashboard

The individually configurable dashboard provides for an initial graphical overview of the most important key figures. The calculation of these key figures takes place every day in the background, and this allows the highest performance in the evaluation of historical data. The dashboard provides a direct link to the respective detail report. For a further processing of data the key figures can be exported to Excel.

With OPRA the maintenance in SAP becomes finally evaluable!

Quick Facts

  • Standard Reports Out of the Box:
    • Relationship between planned and unplanned orders in terms of quantity, costs, variety or technical object
    • Comparison of plan with current costs in terms of variety, order, technical object or cost distribution (internal, external, material costs)
    • Downtimes in terms of group, quantity or technical object
    • Analysis of frequency of errors in terms of affected object, damages or causes
    • Asset availability / Asset reliability
    • Meantime-to-Repair / Meantime-Between-Failure / Meantime-Between-Maintenance
  • Export of key figures to Excel 
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