OPRA Maintenance Cockpit

Maintenance plans in SAP PM / EAM

Never been clearer!

All maintenance services at a glance

With the OPRA Maintenance Cockpit the management of your maintenance plans becomes not only user-friendly, but also much more efficient. With the interactive search you can quickly find the searched asset(s) and with a few tabs you can get a straightforward overview to maintenance plans and items. With Drag’n’Drop, documents such as instructions or regulations can be easily added.

You have two identical or similar plants; the maintenance plan is naturally correspondent. Why create a new maintenance plan for the new machine and not just assign and copy the already existing plan to the new machine with some adjustments? This is not a problem with the OPRA Maintenance cockpit.

With OPRA the maintenance in SAP finally becomes holistic!

Quick Facts

  • Interactive object search via SearchPanel
  • Quick overview of existing or missing maintenance items
  • Drag’n’Drop functionality for attachments, maintenance plans or instructions
  • Efficient routing maintenance
  • Helpful evaluation of master data quality, for example “inactive technical objects with active maintenance plans”
  • Further helpful functions
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