OPRAmobile Technical Object

Relevant information about the Technical Object in SAP PM / EAM

Mobile and up-to-date!

Technical information, Notifications, Orders and much more!

With the OPRAmobile App "Technical Object", the maintenance staff has on-site access to all relevant information on the asset, be it general technical information, or information about current notifications, the most important orders or installed equipment; everything is just a clic away! For example, it is also possible to install and dismantle the equipment; all clearly documented in SAP without loss of information. Of course, photos of the system or important documents can also be added on the move. 

With OPRA, the mobile maintenance in SAP is finally functional!

Quick Facts

  • Intuitive filter and search functionality
  • Display of
    • technical data
    • documents for the object (notification, order, measuring documents)
    • Documents
    • ... 
  • Equipment installation and dismantling
  • Document addition
  • Barcode, QR Scanner
  • And many other helpful functions
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