OPRAmobile Stock Management

SAP Stock Management: simple, fast and everywhere 

Scan, enter the number or quantity, done! 

Mobile stock management; completely device-independent

OPRAmobile Stock Management allows employees from plant maintenance, service, production or warehouse to record and process stock movements in a convenient and simple way. It can be used in combination with other OPRA modules or individually as a "Stand-Alone-Application".

MM or WM - the client decides it!

By default, OPRAmobile Stock Management uses data from the SAP MM warehouse. However, you can also use the SAP WM Warehouse by making appropriate adjustments.

With OPRA the mobile stock management in SAP is finally transparent!

Sample processes and tasks

  • Withdrawals and/or receipts of materials to cost centres
  • Withdrawal of materials into scrapping
  • Stock overview of materials in a plant
  • Transfer posting of materials from stock location to stock location
  • Goods receipt postings of purchase orders
  • Entry of counted quantities during inventory
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