OPRAmobile Orders and Confirmations

Mobile orders and confirmations with SAP PM

Forget paper work!

Everything is sorted out with just a few taps

OPRAmobile provides order data from a mobile worklist. Documents, damage pictures and associated components are clearly presented and used.

With OPRAmobile confirmations or check-lists are created or completed with just a few finger taps. Other features such as the withdrawal of components, the creation of purchase requisitions and the use of electronic signatures can be used flexibly. Photos and videos are simply captured in the process and automatically stored in an asset file.

Order generation from confirmation data

Even with few information OPRAmobile allows to automatically record a failure, to generate an order and also directly a confirmation. Particularly in case of reactive troubleshooting efficiency at the highest level in the entire process.

With OPRA the mobile maintenance is finally holistic!

Quick Facts

  • Intuitive search functionality for technical objects
  • Multi-level and hierarchical display of technical objects
  • Simple order selection; employee-oriented or by order pool
  • Display of order details
  • Check-list function for operations
  • Input of measured value
  • Efficient and user-friendly time confirmation
  • Feedback text via speech recognition
  • Use of electronic signatures
  • Automatic creation of orders and notifications, according to feedback parameters
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