Mobile Plant Maintenance in SAP

Optimized and device-independent surfaces

Mobile Plant Maintenance with SAP is now more efficient. With OPRAmobile the maintenance technicians can now focus on the essence of their work. 

Mobile, platform-independent and 100% SAP

OPRAmobile is based on SAP UI5. The plant maintenance with SAP PM / EAM is therefore mobile and can be operated on all devices with an HTML5 capable browser. The surfaces are adjusted to the respective tasks and requirements of a mobile maintenance and enable a quick and easy data entry; for example, it is possible to carry out a full confirmation in less than 20 seconds. This way the plant maintenance staff can focus on his actual tasks, namely the maintenance of machinery and devices.

SAP Fiori

OPRAmobile is based on the SAP Fiori design guidelines defined by SAP: the Fiori paradigm. The integration of OPRAmobile applications in other SAP standard Fiori apps is thus seamlessly possible. The use of SAP Fiori Lauchpad is also supported.

Even more mobile with barcode, RFID and Co.

Users rather take for granted that barcodes and cameras should be installed in the mobile maintenance. This is definitely appropriate in OPRAmobile. With OPRAmobile even device-specific functions such as scanners or barcodes can be used device-independently and make the mobile plant maintenance more efficient and user-friendly. Of course, voice memos are also possible.  

No network? Let's work with the Cache!

OPRAmobile is an online solution, but provides a limited cache functionality for temporary offline data handling. So you can preload one selected maintenance order online and add required and available data, e.g. confirmations offline; once completed, you just have to save the inputted data online.

Step-by-step and modular to the goal


OPRA is modular. Depending on your needs, time schedule and budget, the different modules can be implemented step-by-step. Individual introduction scenarios become possible, the budget is preserved and an early project success will be achieved; the frustration for a project belongs to the past.



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